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MTAA supports efforts undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (Department) to replace the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (1989) with the Road Vehicle Standards Bill (RVSB) in order to harmonise Australian vehicle standards with international vehicle standards.

To ensure that the RVSB is relevant to the Australian context and there is no increased risk to consumers or Australian automotive businesses, MTAA provided to Government a detailed submission incorporating the concerns of MTAA member associations, AARA and it business members. Within the submission MTAA sought assurances that automotive businesses are not disadvantaged economically and legally; particularly those that retail, service, maintain, repair and modify automotive vehicles.

MTAA also provided recommendations including that Government:

  • Review and ensure effective integration and intersection of the RVSB into other key national legislation (i.e. Australian Consumer Law (ACL), Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), etc.) to address issues such as warranties (particularly those involved in the modification approval process), product recalls and business to business relationships.
  • Consider proposed changes to national legislation (i.e. ACL, CCA, etc.) that have been recommended in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) New Car Retailing Market study including: provisions relating to consumer guarantees, warranties and minor and major product failures providing reasons for product recalls, and freedom of repair information for independent repairers (potentially being provided through the RVSB or ACL) and how this aligns with the RVSB.
  • Continue investigation to ensure that the harmonisation of Australian and International standards are relevant to the Australian market with the aim of protecting the economic interests and sustainability of the Australian automotive industry (and those industries which are dependent on automotive services) and the safety and security of consumers and businesses.
  • Make clear the information requirements of Model Reports (MRs) and how Government will ensure that the commercial activities surrounding the sale and application of MRs are not anti-competitive or disadvantage low volume importers.
  • Remove subjectivity on what constitutes retail items used as components for road vehicles and those automotive components that are incorporated under the RVSB.
  • Provide clarity on the implications of making modifications to the vehicle after the first time the vehicle is provided to market, e.g. roll over protection systems for quad bikes and implements for farm equipment, and automotive performance accessories.

To access the MTAA Submission to the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities regarding the proposed introduction of the Road Vehicles Standards Bill please use the following link.  Download .pdf

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