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A National Industry Sector Committee of the Motor Trades Association of Australia


Australian Tyre Dealers and Retreaders Association (ATDRA)


The Australian Tyre Dealers and Retreaders Association (ATDRA) is one of the National Industry Sector Committees (NISC) that operate under the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA). With representatives from each of MTAA’s state member associations, ATDRA represents the interests of Australia’s tyre and retreading retailing businesses at a national level.

ATDRA is active in advocating to Government for changes to franchising legislation to better protect the interests of automotive businesses including tyre retailers. ATDRA argue that current franchising arrangements inadequately protect automotive businesses who have high investment costs and who deal with complex automotive products. ATDRA advocates that Government either amend the Franchising Code or introduce legislation that better protects automotive businesses. ATDRA also advocates for Government to amend the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) to increase business protections. ATDRA understand the substantial costs associated with tyre disposal and isencouragingTyre Stewardship Australia to reduce costs imposed on retailers. In addition, ATDRA is investigating tyre safety standards that increase vehicle safety and provide business opportunities for retailers.

ATDRA’s Mission

Proactively, effectively and efficiently represent and protect the interests of professional tyre dealership and tyre retreading business members of Motor Trades Associations and Automobile Chambers of Commerce and through them the Australian Tyre Dealership and Retreaders Association (ATDRA).

ATDRA in Context

The Australian tyre dealership and tyre retreading industry is an important part of the Australian automotive sector, the nation’s largest small business sector and is responsible for the professional replacement and servicing of tyres to manufacturer’s specifications and in accordance with required laws and regulations. Thousands of Australian’s are employed in small to medium sized tyre provision and servicing businesses with many businesses part of a franchising chain.

Key Stakeholders

Business owners and members, supply chain providers (i.e. tyre and wheel manufacturers, equipment suppliers), State and Federal Governments (ACCC, Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman etc.) and consumers (motorists, road transport providers, etc.)., etc).

ASSCSA's Strategic Plan

In order to progress advocacy efforts, ATDRA have formulated a strategic plan that outlines its activities in 2018. The strategic plan was developed after extensive analysis and endorsed and amended by ATDRA members.

Please follow the link to ATDRA 2018 Strategic Plan: Download .pdf

Who We Are

ATDRA membership includes an industry delegate from each of MTAA’s member state and territory associations who represent Tyre and / or Tyre re-treading retailers from each individual state and territory. Each MTAA member association provides a representative to support the industry delegate when determining national advocacy activities.


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